Dad slammed for refusing to ‘babysit’ his own daughter while his wife’s away

A dad has come under fire after revealing he’d refused to ‘babysit’ his own daughter while his wife travels overseas to visit her grandmother for her birthday

A dad is being heavily criticised online, after confessing he refused to “babysit” his own daughter while his wife goes away on holiday.

The dad explained how he’d bought his wife two tickets to fly to Italy to visit her grandmother next week as a birthday present, with a view to her taking their four-year-old daughter along with her.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan when the dad’s wife revealed she would rather go on her own, so she can take a break from the kids while away enjoying a relaxing holiday as she’s a stay at home mum who rarely gets breaks.

Sounds fair, right? Not according to the dad, who told his wife, there’s no way she can travel to Italy without their daughter.

“I told her that that was unfortunate, since there’s no way that our daughter can not go if she goes,” he wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum. “Because I have work and don’t want to take time off to babysit our daughter for an entire week.”

Instead, the dad suggested they found someone else to take care of their daughter, but explained that they didn’t know anyone close by who would be willing to take her in.

“I love my daughter, but I don’t want to take a week off to babysit her,” he added, before turning to Reddit to question whether he was in the wrong for refusing to “babysit” his own kid.

One Reddit user simply replied: “It isn’t babysitting when it’s your own kid,” and many were quick to jump in and agree.

“You’re a parent. It’s your child. You are not babysitting, you are being a responsible parent. If you consider it babysitting then you need to grow the f*** up,” another added.

“A father looking after their child is not babysitting; that’s called ‘parenting’, and it’s not something special that you do, something out of the ordinary because it’s normally your wife’s job,” a third wrote.

“It’s something you signed up to do 24/7, 365.25 days a year the moment your daughter was born. The fact that you consider being with and caring for your daughter ‘babysitting’ is a huge red flag.

“You obviously have no trouble with your wife going to Italy without you, so that’s not a problem. And obviously you can take the week of work (you just don’t want to) to be with your daughter. You’re the a**hole because that’s your job. Your most important job.”