I was fired for turning up to work on time and leaving when my shift was done’

A woman said her boss told her she was doing the ‘bare minimum’ by just working her scheduled hours, but she refused to work for free and was eventually fired for making a stand

A woman said she was fired from her job for turning up on time and leaving when her shift finished – which her boss called doing the ‘bare minimum’.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her boss expected her to work up to eight hours of overtime on certain shifts.

The woman said if she was on a salary she would be willing to work the extra time, but currently she was on a ‘pay per hour’ system.

She said that she asked to invoice the company for each hour worked, but the boss refused, saying she’s not a ‘team player’ and fired her a short time later.

Taking to Reddit, she said: “A couple of weeks ago my boss starts saying that she’s noticed I do the bare minimum… when asked to explain she said that clocking in on time and leaving on time is simply not enough.

“I am confused as I would understand if I was an employee of this company but I am kept on board as an hourly hired contractor by her choice.

“The company decides to throw a three-day event fully catered and lived streamed by a crew of professionals and asks me to come to cover the event on social media and to take photos of everything – arriving an hour early and leaving an hour later.

“I did it because I want to show my commitment and that I do ‘work hard’ but then I realised she wanted me to stay for the gala that would happen after the three-day event.

“That means on the last day I would work from 8 am till midnight… and half of that day would be 100 per cent unpaid.

“I took it upon myself to ask her if it’s okay for me to bill her for the extra hours I would be working at the gala or if I can take those hours off the next week to balance it out.

“She got extremely upset saying that she’s not in a good place financially and that I am not being a team player.

“Anyways she told me she won’t be needing my services any longer and that I will not be getting paid for the four hours of extra work I did before either.”

After sharing her story, other Reddit users were quick to comment on the post and tried to reassure the woman – saying she dodged a bullet by being fired.

One user said: “That sounds like a scam type company. I’d cut your losses and go find a real company to work for. This sounds super shady.”

And another wrote: “Your former boss sounds like a con artist. If she had the money to pay for catering and live streaming the gala, she had money to pay you.”

While a third added: “And now you know her secret- how SHE works less but earns more money- by cheating and stealing from employees like you.”