My daughter got stuck on the roof despite my warning – she can get herself off’

A man said that he refused to help his daughter get off the roof after she got stuck and said she could get herself off, because he had repeatedly warned her not to go up there alone

A man has divided other parents after refusing to help his daughter get off the roof – because he had previously warned her not to go up there alone.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that sometimes his daughter would sit on the roof and he had no problem with that – but he insisted she must never go up there alone.

But one day, while he was at work, she did just that and became stuck – unable to climb back through the window she first went out of.

She called her dad and asked for help but he refused, saying that she should have listened, and now other parents are divided about the man’s actions.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “My daughter’s bedroom window is connected onto our roof, which is flat, so her and her friends have occasionally gone out there with blankets and food and sat and chatted.

“It’s not particularly high up so it isn’t hugely unsafe, but I always urge her not to do it by herself. The window is about two foot above the roof so it’s hard getting back in if you’re short or by yourself.

“On Saturday I was out when I got a call from my daughter telling me she’d got stuck on the roof and I needed to come home immediately to come and help her.

“I told her that I’d be home soon but she’d gotten out there herself when I’ve told her a million times not to, so she can figure out how to get back in herself.

“I got back around two hours later and my daughter had called her mom who was absolutely furious.

“Our daughter is fine and I wasn’t gone that long, but her mom and even my girlfriend are saying that I put my need to prove a point above my daughter’s well-being.”

After sharing his story online, some Reddit users thought the man was being too harsh on his daughter.

One said: “You told her you’d be home soon and then got home around two hours later?! That isn’t soon, especially when your daughter had asked for help.”

And another wrote: “I know you told her not to do but she should be able to count on you when she needs help. Now if she gets into a situation she won’t call you for help.

“I think you took it too far to prove a point.”

But others agreed with the man and said his daughter would probably have learned her lesson now.

One said: “She’s 17, she knows better, she knew the risk when she did it. She’s old enough to own up to her mistakes. They can be mad but you warned her not to do it many times. She didn’t listen and served the consequences.”

While another added: “I have a stubborn teen daughter too. Sometimes you have to let them suffer a little natural consequences of not listening. She wasn’t left out in dangerous weather.”